Anna's coaching style puts you at ease and really helped me open up and work through things I was afraid my whole life to even think about. It has profoundly improved my marriage and my perspectives on my career. I feel capable of making decisions quickly and for the right reasons. Totally life changing!


I never thought of myself as someone who would benefit from life coaching, but I was happily surprised by the experience. Anna is wonderful at listening to your circumstances and providing a thoughtful and clarifying point of view. Anna really helped me realize that I need to separate my preconceived opinions of my own emotions from the reality of why I am having that emotion. Anna has a very calm voice, and is able to convey her advice without judgement.  I really enjoyed our sessions!


Anna’s coaching came at a critical point in my life when I was facing major challenges and changes at work, and at the same time I was struggling with some personal feelings of negativity and resentment. I was hopeful that  coaching could help me through these problems, but it still took a leap of faith to commit to hiring a life coach. As it turned it, hiring Anna as a life coach was one of the best things I could have done. Anna helped me change my perspective and thought processes in such a way that what I had previously perceived to be problems were literally turned into great opportunities. 

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"I’ve always been fascinated by human behavior. As a film director, it’s essential that I understand the human experience in order to represent it on screen. I love helping artists turn their obstacles into strategies and their dreams into realities as they explore and understand their own minds in relation to the process of creation."


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