My name is Anna Thalman


I'm a LCS certified coach, film writer-director and co-founder of the production company Invisible Mansion PicturesIn my film profession, it's essential that I understand the human experience in order to represent it on screen.


I've always been fascinated by human behavior and psychology. Throughout my life, friends and family have commented on my discernment and how it allows me to understand and bring out the best in those around me.


I coach filmmakers and actors who want to make meaningful art without sacrificing their values, health, or most important relationships. 

I am Here to Help

I coach over video so I can work with anyone in the world in the comfort of their own home.


Together we create a vision for your future and work through all the obstacles you encounter in making that vision a reality. My goal is to help you find a mindset that aligns with your life calling.


My clients are incredible.


They know that their lives aren't perfect but they are purposeful. They are using their talents to contribute to their communities and beautify the world. They are healthy, creative, and committed. 

If you are interested in trying coaching, click link below to set up a Free Mini Session. 

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